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Wild EXOplanet
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Company Introduction

For you to envision our vision, we feel it is important you get to know who we are and what events lead us to be fortunate enough to present Wild EXOplanet to you. Our journey started with a realisation of company “Unified Standards”. As an industry, we all need to work together on standards.
This was our shared responsibility as we began our journey to combine forces to create something spectacular together. Something that we all can all trust, with clear transparency between ourselves and our customers. Given this foundation of mutual alignment we truly believe that this is an effective model and a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration to come to life.

Our parent group consists of two companies. The first company ‘Siberian Koala’ is located in St. Petersburg and specializes in the development of high-end story-driven video games. The second company ‘Skyscraper Games’ located in Singapore is a well-known video games publisher and highly respected within this field.

Skyscraper Games

Website: http://skyscrapergames.com
Proof of Legal Business: https://www.sgpbusiness.com/company/Skyscraper-Games-Pte-Ltd

Siberian Koala

Website: https://siberiankoala.com
Proof of Legal Business: https://checko.ru/company/sibirsky-koala-1217800003520

Founder: Dimitri Kipra

Dimitri Kipra is the founder of our group of companies that develop and publish computer video games to a very high level. Dimitri is an avid crypto investor whose portfolio construct consists of many start-up businesses with a proven track record of successful investment entrepreneurship.

  • Work experience in senior positions in large IT companies
  • Investor and co-owner of — Siberian Koala and Skyscraper Games
  • Crypto investor

Co-Founder: Eugene Anischenko

Eugene Anishchenko is the co-founder and CEO of the group. He has many professional years’ experience in game development and prides himself on innovation and creativity. Dimitri and Eugene are both gaming fanatics.

  • 6 years of commercial development on Unity and Unreal Engine 4
  • 4 years of managing teams of more than 20 people
  • Extensive experience in developing training simulators for companies employees


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Wild EXOplanet

Wild EXOplanet is a collectible Play&Earn autobattler being developed on UE5.