Wild EXOplanet: Welcomes Strategic Advisor Koh Onozawa Martinez

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3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Announcing New Strategic Advisor: Koh Onozawa Martinez

Wild EXOplanet is proud to announce a new addition to our stellar team, serving the role of technical strategic advisor.

Koh Onozawa Martinez

Koh Onozawa Martinez is a technology entrepreneur with an extensive track record as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to prestigious Web2 and Web3 companies both in Europe and the United States. At only 26 years old, in 2016, he became part of Forbes Asia’s first annual 30 Under 30 list. In addition, in 2015 he was a finalist of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. This year Onozawa has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Sir Anthony Ritossa in Dubai for his “outstanding vision, dedication and success”. Onozawa has also made several presentations for TEDx. Currently, Koh Onozawa Martinez is CEO of the highly successful Bit2Me Token of Spain’s largest crypto company. He brings innovation to everything he touches by pushing the boundaries time after time. Now it’s Wild EXOplanet’s turn.

“It’s a pleasure and honor h to be working with the Siberian Koala and Skyscraper Games teams with their new Play-to-Earn game: Wild EXOplanet.. Dmitri and his experienced gaming studio and publishing company are serious about taking their talent and expertise into Web3 and I’m delighted to be helping them navigate ths project from within. The project is very ambitious and brings great creativity and execution to the fast growing GameFi space that continues to impact the lives of so many in the world. . I look forward to working with you all as we push this project its absolute fullest potential.” — Koh Onozawa Martinez

Wild EXOplanet had been months in the making and onboarding such technical expertise is essential to the growth of the project. It is our mission to provide the best investor satisfaction coupled with a high-end top tier blockchain gaming experience as we break the mould to pioneer new gaming standards. We want everyone to know how much we appreciate you. Our community members are getting the opportunity to be part of this at a very early stage and we are so very thankful for all of your support.


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